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03 Jul 2017

Southie: A Cheap Gangster Story

by Guido Vrolix

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SOUTHIE - A CHEAP GANGSTER STORY “For some men live in the dark, While most live in the light. You can see those in the light, But not the ones in the dark.” Boston, the 1920s. Prohibition is in full swing and so is the underworld. It is ruled by the Irish Mob Gangs from South-East Boston, better known as Southie. Jack "Knife" Doyle controls most of the brothels, Farris McLaughlin most of City Hall and the cops. Farris wants to takeover Jack's business, but that's easier said than done, because while Farris acts out of simple greed, Jack's interests lie elsewhere… A 130 pages graphic novel by Guido Vrolix. ...